Tool Kit

Basic Toolkit
The following are some tools you may need,
especially for taking to workshops.

•Craft knife (X-acto or other)
•Blades (#11)
•Ruler with Cork Backing (6”)
•Wood Glue/ Tacky Glue
•Gluing Jig
•Small Sharp Scissors
•Fine/ Med. Sandpaper
•Work Surface (e.g. Small Self-healing Cutting Mat)
•Wax Paper
•Small/ Med. Paint Brushes (Paint or Stain if needed)
•Toolbox or other container

Other tools that come in handy from time to time:

• Razor Saw/ Miter Box
• Pin Vise/ Bits
• Single Edge Razor Blade
• Ruler with Cork Backing (12″)
• Small Sharp Scissors (curved)
• Emory Boards
• Fine Steel Wool #0000 and #00000
• Fine Files/ Dental Tools
• Awl
• Scale Ruler
• Various other specialty glues