2018 Manitoba Miniature Meet

The Manitoba Miniature Meet was held on May 4 & 5, 2018.

The Little Bits of Brandon club was in charge of organization and
put on a fantastic weekend!  Many thanks from us at M.E.O.W.

The theme for this year’s meet was “A Tribute to Mary Engelbreit.”

Margaret’s roombox totally embodied the theme of this year’s event.
Margaret (LBOB) was co-chair for this year’s MMM.

A peek into the workshops:

IMG_0247     IMG_0245
(l to r) Betsy, Anita, Dianna,        ( l to r) Virginia, Anne & Margaret
Janice & Instructor Cheryl

IMG_0246     IMG_0243
Instructor Janice (LBOB)                Instructor Georgina

Connie, Lindsay, Hildi     IMG_0241
(l to r) Connie, Lindsay& Hildi     (l to r) Brenda & Brandie

Lunch is served!

mmm9    mmm8
(l to r) Lois & Connie (LBOB)                         (l to r) Penny, Betsy & Colleen

Special thanks to Brandie for baking us a delicious
banana cake cleverly disguised as a ham!!

Saturday Evening Dinner

Contenders for Queen of Everything??

mmm10    mmm7
(l to r) Sharon & Marilyne                              (l to r)  Margaret & Kim

(l to r) April, Michelle & Anita

Dining at “not really the head table” are
(l to r) Betsy, Penny, Cheryl, Cathy & Meagan.

There were lots of great raffle and door prizes!


Beth (LBOB), co-chair of the event, displayed
her lovely 1/12 scale scratch-built house.

Look for more pictures from the 2018 Manitoba Minaiture Meet
in the M.E.O.W. May newsletter.