2017 June – The EX

cart        cart&peds

 M.E.O.W. at the EX

by Penny Johnson

This year was the third year that our Club displayed dollhouse miniatures in the Hobby Section of the Red River Exhibition. HobbyIn recent years, The EX has been working hard to “put the fair back into the fair” by bringing back some of the very popular lifestyle exhibits and attractions that were once featured in the old Winnipeg arena. Things like hobbies, gardening, quilts, photography and art have been reintroduced to the fair in order to engage the community as an important part of the traditions that have served The EX so well in years past. Thousands of people attend The EX over 10 days in June, allowing our work to be exposed to a vast audience who might not otherwise be familiar with dollhouse miniatures.

Planning for The EX begins in my basement.  Actually, before it even gets that far, I approach MEOW members at club meetings and put a notice in our Club newsletter in order to get miniatures for display.  Many thanks to the following talented Club members Darryl, Virginia, Shirley, Janet, Janice, Brenda, Betsy, Carole, Cheryl, Patrice, Sharon, Millie, Georgina, Carol, and Judy for kindly sharing their projects for display.

After my friend Betsy and I finished picking up the projects, it was back to the basement!  A configuration of the spaces allotted to us (3 pedestals, a large table and a cute cart with red & white striped awning) was taped out on the floor and members’ miniatures were arranged, hopefully in a pleasing manner.  Pictures were taken so we could replicate the displays at The EX as quickly and easily as possible.

A special thank you to my husband Darryl, fellow MEOW member & BFF Betsy, MEOW member Darryl and my daughter Jodi, Communications & Marketing Manager at the The EX, for their help in making our Club display at the Red River Exhibition possible and successful!

The Plan

Tablefloor       Picnicfloor      013

 The Set Up

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032     029  028


The Cover Up

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IMG_2395   IMG_2406

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